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Rahanna Music, Inc. is the primary publishing repository of the internationally known and highly respected classical jazz pianist, composer and professor, Sir Roland Hanna. It includes a wide range of his adventurous musical compositions. This catalog of over 200 compositions contains America’s classical music in all its varied shades, hues, textures and instrumentation, and is representative of the vast stylistic range of the pianist and composer.

“The critic Grover Sales has come up with a helpful list of terms that categorize Hanna’s music: ‘the sanctified church, rhythm and blues, classic piano literature, the grand Romantic tradition of the nineteenth century, French impressionism, ragtime, Harlem stride, Tatum, bebop, Garner, the blues, funk, avant-garde, and the explosion of songwriting genius that blessed America in the 20s and 30s.’”

—Mark Tucker
Author, Duke Ellington: The Early Years (1995)

Rahanna Music, Inc. is also the parent of Rmi, the record label inaugurated with the signature logo series, Sir Roland Hanna Presents, that introduces brilliant new jazz artists who carry on the tradition of America's classical music, as exemplified by Sir Roland's life and work.

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